The Pleasures of a Publishing Your Work in a Print Journal

As the EIC of an exclusively digital journal, I appreciate the freedom and flexibility afforded by the medium: Why constrain yourself with strict word counts when you don't have paper to buy? Why not publish all three erasures if the real estate is essentially free? Digital publications are likely to reach more readers due to ease of accessibility (the only chance a piece has of going viral is a life lived online) and online venues are gaining prestige all the daggone (is that a word?) time.

BUT as a writer who has been at this since the pleistocene, I must admit that there is a special kind of satisfaction that comes with checking the mail to discover a big, honking book inside. I love print journals for the tactile thrill of turning pages until you land on your contribution to the issue. There's your name, there's your work. (It's in the world! It's in a thousand mailboxes!) And I also love discovering new writers by devouring the issue whole--something I don't always do online, where I'm far more likely to hen-peck my way to writers I already know.

All of this blogging (can I please call it something else? does it have to be blogging, a word so uncomfortably close to flogging?) was prompted by the arrival of Hotel Amerika in my mail. Good grief is this a good looking issue! I'm humbled that my retelling of Dante's Francesca appears alongside so many remarkable contributions and I'm looking forward to consuming the issue in one, gluttonous session.