Fall Together Now

It's finally here: Today is the day Fall Together officially makes its way into the world (!!!).

I could tell you that the story of this book began when I arrived at the organizing principle for a collection,  or I could tell you that it began when I decided to ignore the prevailing knowledge (that it's impossible to publish short story collections) and stubbornly keep writing stories, or I could tell you that it began when my broke-ass young writer self hauled about a decade's worth of New Yorker's out of someone's recycling and fell head-over-heels in love with the stories I found inside. Or, maybe it started when my first-grade teacher humored my desire for homework and gave me empty books to fill.

As Joan Silber remarks, “a story is entirely determined by what portion of time it chooses to narrate,” and it's difficult for me to pinpoint this one's start. Perhaps that's because the shape of this book is also the shape of my life. It represents many different eras in my exploration of the form, many private infatuations and obsessions, many hours spent at this same old wobbly desk in a series of different houses in a series of different towns--but these are all readings available largely only to me. Now that Fall Together is in the world, the only important story is the one YOU create with it. Tell me what you love, tell me what you hate, tell me what these stories mean to you. I'm all ears forever and always. 

I'm immensely happy to have the chance to put this book in your hands. It's available now on the Gold Wake Press site and will soon appear in all of the usual places to find books. Carmichael's Bookstore will be hosting the launch party for the book on June 14th. (There's a FB event page for that too, btw.) And I'll soon be embarking on what I like to call the woman-in-black book tour. Visit my Events page to find out if I'll be hauling my monochrome wardrobe to a bookstore near you. I'll be adding new dates in Cincinnati and Omaha this week.  

Finally, I invite you to share in my love for bookish puns and #FallTogetherNow. Many thanks to you, friends, for all of your support over the years and to Gold Wake Press for making all of the work deliverable in this beautiful package. This is an epically happy day.